Alovely Butterfly v.Vietingshof

24th. Januar 2011

Alovely Butterfly v.Vietingshof (Louna) :

…..Then , for the first show of me , Louna …in Intermediaire class
…lots of strong females …but definityvely , I feel very strong on my legs and love to „drive in „my little body with such a „cheeky“ attitude that everybody could have the feelings that „Marilyn Monroe“ is back!!!! I just have to „bounce my chest „, turn my sooooooo lovely eyes far on the horizon ,…straight my back …..
then I am outstandingly beautiful !!!!!!!
Showing easyly ..even Anne puts the lead on my back ..just standind confident close to me …she knows I
lOOOOOOOOOve to stand like this ….it is funny to see all those „round stupids eyes of humans“!! gaze at me´like a „Rackam treasure“…
easy to win the females !!!!
then 1st intermediaire …
then reserve CACS
then ..Reserve CACIB !!!!
And the judge tells everybody ..“have to follow this girl “ Just a little young to be CACIB !!

(text: Ann Bremond)

We congratulate our „Marilyn Monroe“ Louna! : )
And his owner (and our very good  family friend) Ann Bremond!

Well done my lovely girls!! : )))

Kisses ♥

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